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Tooth fairy outdated

In reply to article “Fully Functional Bioengineered Tooth Grown In a Mouse”:
“The tooth fairy could suck it up with her clearly outdated business model.”
Comes from slashdot.

Attitude towards my garden

I have formulated my attitude towards keeping my lawn in order:
“As long as there is nothing attacking me from the bushes, its all under control.”

Some jokes

  • Young boys are hitting the good-looking girls heads with books to express their sympathies and later when they grow up wondering – why all the beautiful women stupid?
  • How is a person called without the left leg, hand and eye? “Allright”
  • A boy asks his granny: „Have you seen my pills, they were labeled LSD?” Granny replies: ”Screw the pills, have you seen the dragons in the kitchen?!”
  • A grandma and grandson mixed up their pills. Grandson passed out by the entry to the club, and the granny knitted
    15 meter long bright-colored socks.
  • Two old ladies meet, one says to the other: “those youngsters are so optimistic nowadays, smoking on cigarette on 3, but still laughing”
  • A drug-user is eating cookies, one cookie drops. They guy says: “Come back…. Come back, I said”. After a moment he gets angry and spills the rest of the pack, ordering “Bring him to me!”
  • When filling the tax declaration, don’t forget to fill-in “the state” in the “dependents” field.

Google Chrome spellchecker in action