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Meteorite crate in Latvia – update – fake

Update – even if it still made out to be a big story, it was all a big joke most probably 🙂

Heard the big news yesterday evening, that a meteorite fell down nearby Mazsalaca, Latvia.

Some guys have managed to get the site on tape. Looks impressive.

The location, Mazsalaca, Latvia:

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P.S. Maybe Latvia has got her own Superman now 😉

a use case for mobile e-mail

Never thought this day would come. Was under my home working desk, had to look-up a serial number of my wireless router. The number I had to type on my pc to get support for the router. What I chose as the solution was to pick up my HTC hero and send myself an e-mal 🙂
Hip-hip-hurray for MobileVikings always-on-connection!

P.S. yes, im a geek, there is no doubt.
P.P.S. just thought that i could have taken a photo as well. but the light conditions are not too excellent.

WordPress @ android

This is really cool – I am writing this from my HTC hero 😉 wpToGo is the app.
Note – there was an image intended also from the phone, well didn’t work out all that well…

I officially hate Mobistar

Yes – from now on an official Mobistar hater. Have been using their services for a while, and some things were annoying me time to time, especially the attitude towards clients (which is quite common in Belgian telecom companies). But this beats it all.

Bought a new phone, HTC Hero (btw really happy with it, report still to come). It has data access turned on by default which regularly (hourly) checks for new email/location info – that’s something I know for sure now. Was assuming that on Mobistar the GPRS costs 0.50 Eur / MB, as that was the amount usually used in the bills with some quantifier.
Well, that wouldn’t be a big problem. Actually is 0.50 Eur / session (limited to 1 hour and probably limited to some amount of data). So, since bought the Hero was online each hour because of the default features of the phone. My bill included 235 eur for the data services, which is 10.7 eur / MB. And there is an amount ready for this month (October), at 120 eur.

Note – I am not saying that it’s not entirely my fault. There is an option to view the current invoice amount online by a code #123#, which I only discovered while browsing Mobistars website after the bill.

The representative of Mobistar I called said – we could not have done anything better. Well I think they could have

* made the website for the tariff plan state something about the GPRS tariffs My15
* sent a warning SMS if my bill goes over 3 times the average invoice of last 3 months
* charged a price for a megabyte like the most do, at least from a point where a certain number of sessions is exceeded
* sent a warning SMS if I am online for 24 hours – that’s not very likely a wanted action

Our nice chat with the representative ended with me asking what do I have to do to leave the provider. And then I found out even more interesting news – as there is some kind of loyalty period, and if I exit during that period, there is a charge of 150Eur. And I have not taken a phone with my plan or anything like that (then it would be understandable).

Anyway, I have now switched to Mobile Vikings and so far very satisfied. They offer 1GB of data access on rate of 15eur per month.

Inference, reasoning, consistency check definitions

Note1 – the scope of these definitions is limited to semantic web discipline.
Note2 – 05.10.2009 – updated thanks to a comment from Horst.
Note3 – 06.10.2009 – changed “inference” to an effect instead of process/action (thanks Horst as well). If it is an action, then it is part of the reasoning action. And reasoning action is part of the inference action. So, inference=reasoning, which is not ok.

There is a bunch of definitions about each of the terms, here I try to define with the purpose of marking the main differences and relations between “inference”, “reasoning” and “consistency check”.

inference – the effect of triples added to a model achieved via reasoning (using OWL / SWRL rules / etc.)

reasoning – process of calculating logical consequences from a set of asserted facts or axioms (from wiki). The goal of reasoning can be an inference or a consistency check.

consistency check – verify if there are no logical clashes (contradictions) in the given model

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