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A must see for scifi freaks like me. Btw, never followed BSG.

Why latvians are pessimists

Language and its nuances can reveal many things about the language users and their characteristics.
The Germans are optimists or at least neutral, they say “halb voll” most of the time, and “halb leer” from time to time. Well, even its not true, they have the choice 🙂
For Latvians, there is a word for “halb leer”=”pustukšs”
but no word for “halb voll”, which literally would be “puspilns” – which could only be used if a person is almost drunk, but not quite yet.

We are waiting for you, merry dwarf

The Russian “president” is going to visit Omsk. They had some posters in the city advertising a spectacle for kids named “We are waiting for you, merry dwarf”.
Government ordered to get rid of those, as it might offend the feelings of some small men (162 cm.)
Also ordered to cover the dirty snow in the city with a fresh one, that looks better.

That is so Soviet… miserable.

Skynet – the early days

Today, they solve rubiks cubes and sudokus. Tomorrow they take over the world, see Skynet.

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Latvia in The Simpsons

Yeah! Maybe because of the story on Haralds Silovs in the sports media, maybe randomly, Latvia made a first appearance (AFAIK) in The Simpsons, Season 21, Episode 12.


As I have seen all episodes, I admit that I’m an addict of the greatest comedy cartoon ever.

The future of augmented reality – googles

When I first used google sky map, and layar, you could see my jaw dropping.

But, if this concept evolves and we will have normal size goggles for augmenting the reality, you will hear it dropping (as it hits the floor) 🙂

P.S. Next step – implant, and modify the vision directly.

Screw-in Coffin

This is like the best idea after inventing cremation 🙂
I can imagine some problems, as it would be very easy to steal the defunct.


P.S. The first comment made me laugh – in case it gets moderated, here it is:

The5thElephant 11:21 AM
Only necrophiliacs like to screw in a coffin.