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P.S. I love you – semantics and intuitive inference

– You said it. You know you said it.
– No, I don’t know what I said…
…but I didn’t mean it.
– You mean everything you say.
– Sometimes I mean nothing when I say something.
– Something is never nothing. It’s always something.
– Most of what I say is nothing. Just something to say.
– Men say it’s just something to say to get away with saying something…
…but they know they’re saying something.
– Say what? What did I say?


Burj Khalifa Pinnacle BASE Jump – 4K

Heartbeat exploit for dummies

xkcd: Heartbleed Explanation

Should I follow the white rabbit?



The Sound of Silence (1964)

Still the one would like playing when I pass away 🙂
The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964)

Pauls, ZÄ«vere – Atziedi, dvÄ“sele – 1981

Atziedi, dvēsele (1981)

Brainstorm – my song

Prata vetra – Mana dziesma (live)

these are the words and the song from my nation, and I know noone else will sing them for me

Emulating life

Been thinking lately about computing and emulation capabilities.
Imagine couple of things being implemented, sooner or later.
Zero chance of it happening with the current computation capabilities, as the current efforts prove. NY Times article
A powerful enough computer (hardware & software wise) to simulate life would be needed (quantum computing?)
Running a simulation of centuries for thousands of bacteria in a simulated dynamic harsh environment
Really the question is – would it result in evolution?
Equally probable, would it result in a recursion? Is the current existence an experiment of evolution as well?
Indeed, bizzare.

Movie: Brazil (1985)

How did I miss this one? Brilliant story about where extensive bureaucracy and information control leads to.
Brazil (1985)