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Exporting SMS from Windows phone

Maybe someone finds this useful (word of advice, don’t use Windows phone in the first place to avoid trouble like this)

  • to be able to export sms’es without rooting etc., you first need to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 since the feature only appeared in this version
  • then you need to insert an sd card
  • go to settings, transfer my data
  • click the “…” button
  • export to sd option, select sms’s / contacts to export
  • a file like sms.vmsg will be created. it is a format for which there is no support outside Windows Phone it seems (there was a tool from Lenovo that could import them in Android 4.2 but it stopped working. And, vmsg is not vmg either.
  • the sms’s are in the file, what I did was to convert it to a Titanium Backup Android XML schema by lots of text manipulations. Another advice with Titanium, try to make thread that are less than 500 messages or it will hang. Also, take care of the unicode characters in the texts.

Merry exXmas and happy 2015 🙂

Advertisement of another class

LG G3 Beat : Product Movie

My birthday song #1 – Champaign – How ‘Bout Us
Interesting concept, you fill in your birthdate, replace ddmmyyyy with your birtdate e.g. for July 1st 1978.
What you get as a result is #1 song at that time in charts (not sure which).
This is what I got (never heard it before to be honest). Note the number 22 appear in second 29 🙂
Champaign – How ‘Bout Us

Excellent demo of a non-scary robot

And for my next trick, a robot

Heartbeat exploit for dummies

xkcd: Heartbleed Explanation

Emulating life

Been thinking lately about computing and emulation capabilities.
Imagine couple of things being implemented, sooner or later.
Zero chance of it happening with the current computation capabilities, as the current efforts prove. NY Times article
A powerful enough computer (hardware & software wise) to simulate life would be needed (quantum computing?)
Running a simulation of centuries for thousands of bacteria in a simulated dynamic harsh environment
Really the question is – would it result in evolution?
Equally probable, would it result in a recursion? Is the current existence an experiment of evolution as well?
Indeed, bizzare.

Android next version codenames

I have 2 suggestions:

  • Apple strudel
  • Blackberry pie

EU Open Data Portal

Good to see something you have invested your time in come alive.

#pmod @olyerickson ‘s quote “I’m asking this as an alien beamed down from US” – down? why not up :)

#pmod lot of stereotypes about Russia by @Daniel_hladky

There are indeed some things very special about RU, but some of the mentioned things apply to quite some big countries.
France, US, Italy, China, … – you have to speak their language to really communicate there.
Though just knowing the language doesn’t get you there either.