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P.S. I love you – semantics and intuitive inference

– You said it. You know you said it.
– No, I don’t know what I said…
…but I didn’t mean it.
– You mean everything you say.
– Sometimes I mean nothing when I say something.
– Something is never nothing. It’s always something.
– Most of what I say is nothing. Just something to say.
– Men say it’s just something to say to get away with saying something…
…but they know they’re saying something.
– Say what? What did I say?

EU Open Data Portal

Good to see something you have invested your time in come alive.

#pmod @olyerickson ‘s quote “I’m asking this as an alien beamed down from US” – down? why not up :)

#pmod lot of stereotypes about Russia by @Daniel_hladky

There are indeed some things very special about RU, but some of the mentioned things apply to quite some big countries.
France, US, Italy, China, … – you have to speak their language to really communicate there.
Though just knowing the language doesn’t get you there either.

#pmod more scraping for better #opendata?

In response to Uldis Bojārs (@CaptSolo) talk in #pmod
for a lot of #opendata applications the developers are “scraping the data” – taking data as/is and restructuring it (converting to rdf, mapping to a vocabulary, …)

  • publishers ask, how to ensure the data / representation of data is still valid knowing it was modified?
  • could we do scraping more often to show to publishers why publishing raw, preferably linked data is preferred as it won’t need to be modified in potentially wrong ways?

#pmod try by Helen Darbyshire

@francoaccordino on decision making #pmod

Government decision making is currently not directly driven by choices made by public (with exceptions in form of referendums). However with the help of ICT that might be about to change.

#pmod great quote mentioned by Andrew Leimdorfer, BBC

“I was no good at Maths at school so I don’t want to be reminded of that in my free timr” – heavy user of news websites (in context of simplicity of graphs to look at)

#pmod Provide your feedback for the Crossover Project research

#pmod Using for apps/dataset visibility

Yes (better) data models for #opendata applications and datasets are needed, linked data preferred. How about also using model to make the data better searchable?