If anyone has trouble with the awful Prima PDF reader (it’s incredibly slow), just locate the PDF file from the program files entry of the guide. It is open-password protected. Fortunately, for now they use 40-bit encryption, which is no problem for
“Advanced PDF Password Recovery v5 0 Pro DOA rar”
Pass key found in ~12 hours of processing on my PC. Enterprise version of the soft could do it in some minutes, ElcomSoft claims.

Btw. – the developers/sellers of the password recovery programs maybe should rethink their selling model. Now they try to sell a program that does crack passwords, for a relatively high price (price range 49eur – 399eur for this particular product). As most users (like myself) need to crack just 1 document, or some documents at most, it would be nice to have an option that cracks a password/key for a given document, for a smaller price (5 euros or so). I mean they can now use cloud computing solutions like Amazon EC2
The only problem with the model is that password protected documents are usually sensitive – which was not the case here.