Wii homebrew got really useful

The Wii homewbrew scene got important/useful for all the owners of Wii by two additions:

1. BootMii, allowing to most importantly backup your Wii’s memory at a very low level, to be able to restore  if something goes terribly wrong.

2. USBLoader – allows saving and loading of legal and “legal” Wii game discs. Set-up guide in Really useful if you want to do any of the following:

  • backup your Wii DVDs to protect against scratches;
  • load games much faster than from DVDs;
  • other, “legal” purposes

One of the first things I did when bought a Wii (start of 2008) is installed homebrew with the Zelda hack (for description etc., because I found it a quite fun hack. Actually, when installing that one I didn’t think the homebrew would get to such usable state (was thinking about a modchip back then).

Thank you homewbrew developers for all your hard work and time, it’s highly appreciatead!

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