Linux and gadgets

As the HTC Hero is Linux based, it makes me think of my other gadgets and Linux in them vs. other OSes.
I have for something like 3 times tried switching to Linux on my home PC and each time dropped back to windows, mostly because:

  • the lack of some crucial applications (Roboform, Microsoft Office in a non-emulated mode to be precise)
  • driver incompatibilities (there the situation has improved since)
  • some games

Currently I have stopped even thinking about the move as the Windows 7 is great so far (using for last 2-3 months)
Also using Windows XP on my laptop.
The matters are different with the gadgets:

  • Netgear ReadyNAS DUO 2x500GB – Linux
  • Dreambox DM7020S – Linux
  • to be HTC Hero – Linux
  • Nintendo Wii – Proprietary
  • Clarion MAP780 – Windows Mobile

The trend seems to be quite clear – the devices which require little or none / little user interface (but require stability and low licensing costs of the OS), are doing quite well with Linux.

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