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HTC Hero Brown
As I have just ordered a new gadget – HTC Hero (a Linux based smartphone for the gadget-ignorant), finally realized a very old task of listing the phones that were owned previously:

(could be that 1 to 3 phones are missing, but are considered to not important since don’t change the overall picture, ericsson->siemens->windows mobile->android)
Over all have to say, that the Windows Mobile has been quite satisfactory for the longest period (using the smartphone for calls and organizer mostly), but seemed more and more abandoned by Microsoft recently.
So, based on reviews of HTC Hero doing a switch, will write about impressions when I get it.
Very afraid, that I won’t have at least one program anymore that should get an analogue for Linux ASAP – Roboform on the Android platform. This is one program I can not imagine my virtual life without.
A review by GizModo @
(edit1 – changed to brown edition instead of the white one, as soon as found out it is available in the same internet shop)
(edit2 – some more phones when looked at the Siemens full list. How could I forget you, my precious SL45 😉 )

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My list would have been longer if I was able to remember all of them 😀

What do you think about iPhone? I know its old news, but now I have one of them- as a present for my namesday 🙂

Well, never had one (iphone). My feeling is that apple is too restrictive in what it allows and what not, and the development platform is a closed one.
Also, there is just one manufacturer of hardware – no real competition there. google + android should win, overall, if Steve doesn’t change the strategy.
Congrats on the ex-nameday, I seem to not care to check/congratulate the last years 🙁
Btw, check out

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