Ryanair electronic equipment policies

Frak you Ryanair.
Going to Riga and back this weekend, I was twice denied to use my HTC Hero in airplane mode to play Sudoku (the flight attendant was aware that it’s in flight mode, he just referred to a policy).

  • if there are working phones not in flight mode in your pockets – no problem
  • if you use a laptop with WIFI activated and/or built in GSM module – no problem
  • if you consume as many alcohol as possible because of the boring flight (that was not me, FYI, but just because had to drive a car afterwards) – no problem

other complaints (this included) nicely compiled, totally agree to all

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emm… you must turn off your devices when the plane is taking off or landing. When seatbelt light goes off, you can turn on in flight mode your laptop, iphone.. etc…

Kautkā tā…

Well that would certainly make sense, and it has been like that for all other airlines I have used. But the flight attendant was very strict on the subject, no mobile phones at all (flight mode or not), also the announcement on the internal radio with flight safety instructions was as clear – no mobile phones and PDAs allowed. DOT, final.
P.S. This might also be related to the recent news and interpreting them too strict by Ryanair staff:
On 28 March 2010, Ryanair announced that the on-board mobile phone service is to be phased out. Michael O’Leary explained that the contract with OnAir (who provided Ryanair the service) had ended. From now on, passengers would not be able to use their phones on Ryanair flights.

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