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Exporting SMS from Windows phone

Maybe someone finds this useful (word of advice, don’t use Windows phone in the first place to avoid trouble like this)

  • to be able to export sms’es without rooting etc., you first need to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 since the feature only appeared in this version
  • then you need to insert an sd card
  • go to settings, transfer my data
  • click the “…” button
  • export to sd option, select sms’s / contacts to export
  • a file like sms.vmsg will be created. it is a format for which there is no support outside Windows Phone it seems (there was a tool from Lenovo that could import them in Android 4.2 but it stopped working. And, vmsg is not vmg either.
  • the sms’s are in the file, what I did was to convert it to a Titanium Backup Android XML schema by lots of text manipulations. Another advice with Titanium, try to make thread that are less than 500 messages or it will hang. Also, take care of the unicode characters in the texts.

Merry exXmas and happy 2015 🙂

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THANK YOU! You are a saviour of my data, and I am now moving to iPhone. Adios 🙂 God bless you.

Great article. I can suggest another method. You can try ‘Import SMS from Windows Phone’ app. You can find it on Play Store. It is Free and has no limit for the messages which can be imported. Also, it has no Ads.

On the Play Store page you can find a tutorial video which guides you step-by-step how to export your messages from Windows Phone. If your Windows Phone device hasn’t an SD Card, you can use ‘contacts+message backup’ app to export your messages. If it has SD Card, you can also use ‘Transfer my data’ app. Both apps export a file (.msg from ‘contacts+message backup’ and .vmsg from ‘Transfer my data’).

Simply copy the .vmsg/.msg into your Android device and the app will search for all the backup files. You can select from which numbers you want to import your SMS messages or you can import them all at once.

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