My ex-phone list

HTC Hero Brown
As I have just ordered a new gadget – HTC Hero (a Linux based smartphone for the gadget-ignorant), finally realized a very old task of listing the phones that were owned previously:

(could be that 1 to 3 phones are missing, but are considered to not important since don’t change the overall picture, ericsson->siemens->windows mobile->android)
Over all have to say, that the Windows Mobile has been quite satisfactory for the longest period (using the smartphone for calls and organizer mostly), but seemed more and more abandoned by Microsoft recently.
So, based on reviews of HTC Hero doing a switch, will write about impressions when I get it.
Very afraid, that I won’t have at least one program anymore that should get an analogue for Linux ASAP – Roboform on the Android platform. This is one program I can not imagine my virtual life without.
A review by GizModo @
(edit1 – changed to brown edition instead of the white one, as soon as found out it is available in the same internet shop)
(edit2 – some more phones when looked at the Siemens full list. How could I forget you, my precious SL45 😉 )


Google cache

Just lost a post (most probably) due to a move between servers for the database. Have to thank Google cache for backup.


Clarion MAP780 / MAP680 unlock instructions / installing MioPocket

Clarion MAP780
I bought the Clarion MAP780 navigation unit before some time. The navigation software used is IGO8, the current brand name being Nav’n’Go 8, made in Hungary – because I liked the product more than any other Windows PocketPC navigation I tried.
Some days ago was looking for ways to update the maps for the trip to Austria, and I run across MioPocket 3.0, an application to unlock more functionality on Windows PocketPC based navigation units. The following are the steps how I got it installed and working.
1. Connect the GPS unit to USB, there should be a removable drive in “My Computer” accessible with folders “Clarion” and “Program Files”, in between others (i.e. the internal flash card, not the SD card). I call this further “internal flash drive”
2. Backup the Clarion folder, just in case.
3. Rename the \Clarion\clarion.exe to igo8.exe.
4. Download this (it is actually Total Commander for Pocket PC, renamed to clarion.exe). Extract the files to Clarion folder in the internal flash drive
5. Download MioPocket 3.0 from here, and extract to the root of the internal flash drive.
6. Disconnect the USB cable and turn off/on the PocketPC (this is known as hard reset, just FYI).
7. Total commander should start up
8. Navigate to \SDFree\ and launch MioMap.exe from there. Select “Run MioPocket” from the application. Note – this procedure needs to be repeated each time there is a hard reset (i.e., device has been turned off/on)
9. To configure GAPI, navigate to Settings->GAPI Setup->GAPI Setup->Select Device and choose Asus R700, CE 5.0, 480×272 from the device list (Clarion is not in the list).
Note – the USB connection is not working while in MioPocket mode, so to connect I have to do a hard reset and then connect to the USB.
Note2 – the NaviExtras Toolbox allows to buy maps and upgrade software (is from the makers of Nav’n’Go), as well as to create/restore backups of the device.
This instruction set has been translated (with small additions) from the original post in this forum, by the user globular. Hope he doesn’t mind


Tooth fairy outdated

In reply to article “Fully Functional Bioengineered Tooth Grown In a Mouse”:
“The tooth fairy could suck it up with her clearly outdated business model.”
Comes from slashdot.


Attitude towards my garden

I have formulated my attitude towards keeping my lawn in order:
“As long as there is nothing attacking me from the bushes, its all under control.”


Some jokes

  • Young boys are hitting the good-looking girls heads with books to express their sympathies and later when they grow up wondering – why all the beautiful women stupid?
  • How is a person called without the left leg, hand and eye? “Allright”
  • A boy asks his granny: „Have you seen my pills, they were labeled LSD?” Granny replies: ”Screw the pills, have you seen the dragons in the kitchen?!”
  • A grandma and grandson mixed up their pills. Grandson passed out by the entry to the club, and the granny knitted
    15 meter long bright-colored socks.
  • Two old ladies meet, one says to the other: “those youngsters are so optimistic nowadays, smoking on cigarette on 3, but still laughing”
  • A drug-user is eating cookies, one cookie drops. They guy says: “Come back…. Come back, I said”. After a moment he gets angry and spills the rest of the pack, ordering “Bring him to me!”
  • When filling the tax declaration, don’t forget to fill-in “the state” in the “dependents” field.

Google Chrome spellchecker in action



Random words in anti-spam form

member aching
member aching


Going to i-semantics + i-know conference 2nd-4th of September.

My current schedule (based on available information, might change when the info changes):

  • Towards a New Generation of Social Networks: Merging Social Web with Semantic Web
  • Semantische Suche in Medienarchiven (praxis)
  • Applying Organizational Learning to Enterprise Knowledge Maturing
  • Understanding Maturity Models. Results of a Structured Content Analysis
  • A Knowledge Workbench for Software Development
  • The European Dictionary of Skills and Competences (DISCO): an Example of Usage Scenarios for Ontologies
  • Web x.0 – Was bringt wirklich neuen Nutzen für Unternehmen? (praxis)
  • Semantic Web Awareness Barometer 2009 – Comparing Research – and Application-oriented Approaches to Social Software and the Semantic Web
  • Maturity and Applicability Assessment of Semantic Web Technologies


  • Can Software Developers Use Linked Data Vocabulary?
  • Monitoring RSS Feeds
  • Wissensmanagement im Projektmanagement (praxis)
  • Der Einsatz von Web 2.0 in der Internen Kommunikation (praxis)
  • Cooperation-Event


  • Ontology Change Management
  • SALERO Intelligent Media Annotation & Search
  • Best Practice Forum
  • Die dunklen Seiten des Wissensmanagement und Web 2.0 (praxis)

See you there 😉


Quote (not accurate at all) from GTA IV

A chat between Nico Bellic and some black gangstas:
“Are we gonna steal from the rich people and give it to the poor?
Yeah, we are like Robin Hood. Robbin’ the fucking Hood ;)”