Ryanair electronic equipment policies

Frak you Ryanair.
Going to Riga and back this weekend, I was twice denied to use my HTC Hero in airplane mode to play Sudoku (the flight attendant was aware that it’s in flight mode, he just referred to a policy).

  • if there are working phones not in flight mode in your pockets – no problem
  • if you use a laptop with WIFI activated and/or built in GSM module – no problem
  • if you consume as many alcohol as possible because of the boring flight (that was not me, FYI, but just because had to drive a car afterwards) – no problem

other complaints (this included) nicely compiled, totally agree to all


Art needs it’s models – literally

More in


Why latvians are pessimists

Language and its nuances can reveal many things about the language users and their characteristics.
The Germans are optimists or at least neutral, they say “halb voll” most of the time, and “halb leer” from time to time. Well, even its not true, they have the choice šŸ™‚
For Latvians, there is a word for “halb leer”=”pustukÅ”s”
but no word for “halb voll”, which literally would be “puspilns” – which could only be used if a person is almost drunk, but not quite yet.


We are waiting for you, merry dwarf

The Russian “president” is going to visit Omsk. They had some posters in the city advertising a spectacle for kids named “We are waiting for you, merry dwarf”.
Government ordered to get rid of those, as it might offend the feelings of some small men (162 cm.)
Also ordered to cover the dirty snow in the city with a fresh one, that looks better.

That is so Soviet… miserable.


Latvia in The Simpsons

Yeah! Maybe because of the story on Haralds Silovs in the sports media, maybe randomly, Latvia made a first appearance (AFAIK) in The Simpsons, Season 21, Episode 12.


As I have seen all episodes, I admit that I’m an addict of the greatest comedy cartoon ever.


Update of 2009

1. First of all, Merry Christmas and a successful year of 2010!

2. No updates in this site because of the winter mood or so. Hope to write more next year.

3. Avatar is one of the best sci-fi movie of the year for sure. I am just not too sure that it was needed to waste such a sum on it (500M$). The special effects and 3D is costly I guess.


Quote (not accurate at all) from GTA IV

A chat between Nico Bellic and some black gangstas:
“Are we gonna steal from the rich people and give it to the poor?
Yeah, we are like Robin Hood. Robbin’ the fucking Hood ;)”


Economic crisis & budget cuts in Latvia

Latvia is currently probably one of the well known countries in Europe because of the economic situation. Before a year, when I stated my country-of-origin is Latvia in the Benelux, a lot of the people thought it’s Lithuania, or didn’t know where/what it is. Now the knowledge of the public has improved, asked the same question the typical reply is “Latvia? Oh, that one. Its on the news all the time”. This is partly a good thing, because it’s said there is no bad publicity. It’s just publicity.

The bad thing is how ministries/other government structures of Latvia are doing the so-much-needed budget cuts. There should be a structural reform being made (that’s what’s being requested by the international loan-givers). What happens actually is quantitative modifications of the budget by releasing a proportional amount of people/lowering analysis without any/little analysis.

The first question a good government manager should ask facing a significant budget cut is – what functions in my responsibility are critical for the mission statement.Ā  That would mean evaluating the need of the departments and getting rid of the ones which are not critical for the primary functions of the institution (vertical cuts). There is certainly a cut to make in that area for Latvia where entire departments were created without a real need, just for relatives/friends to have a good paid work. Or high-ranking staff people returning from foreign diplomatic missions and having no according rank position – ok, lets just create a department you can manage.

What most of the Latvian goverment institutions are doing is horizontal cuts. We need to lower our expenses by 30%? No problemo, lets cut all departments by 30% (well an oversimplification, but that’s happening).

I see this time of mandatory budget cuts as a good way for the ministries to get rid of the spider webs in their human resources. There are people/departments who don’t perform but stay in the ministry because of their impressive web. Now they have at least the formal reason to get rid of those elements, and its just about the will to clean. Lets see if that chance is used.

Good weekend everybody, and lets hear some more apologies from the goverment next week šŸ˜‰


AtbildÄ«ga cilvēka citāts – Bojārs

“BijuÅ”ais mērs ar sarÅ«gtinājumu atzina, ka Latvijā esot pieņemts sodÄ«t cilvēkus, kas pieņem lēmumus. “Tas ir populāri. Tāpēc daudzi tagad labāk nedara neko un neuzņemas atbildÄ«bu.” *
Å is citāts man liekas ir kaut kas vienkārÅ”i &**((^. No vienas puses, valdoŔā banda (C Streips) apgalvo, ka algas padomēs tiek maksātas par atbildÄ«bu. No otras puses, Bojārs paziņo, ka cilvēkus, kas pieņem lēmumus, nedrÄ«kstētu sodÄ«t, jo tad jau neviens atbildÄ«bu neuzņemÅ”oties.
Manuprāt, cilvēkiem tur augŔā vispār nav skaidrs, kas ir atbildÄ«ba.
* Citāts no ziņām, materiāliem:


Emigranta pārdomas

Lasot ziņas no Latvijas, nez kāpēc gribas uzdungot sekojoŔā gabala piedziedājumu, staigājot pa Briseli. Jo, lai gan divu dēlu vēl nav un kaktusa arÄ« nē, bet “Ar pliku dibenu pa zaļu dēli
tēvu zeme iebrauc Eiropā” gan izklausās kā naglai uz galvas.
MÅ«zika: A.Freidenfelds
Vārdi: A.Freidenfelds
Izpildītājs: L.Tips
Mans Brālis Čikāgā
Es klaidu latvietis, es lēni gāju
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To karoti ar zelta maliņām
Jau manā dzīvoklī aug divi dēli
Un milzīgs kaktuss skaistā puķpodā
Ar pliku dibenu pa zaļu dēli
Tēvu zeme iebrauc Eiropā
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Mans brālis Čikāgā un pats es Kanadā
Bet mūsu māsa Ziemeļanglijā
Un ļoti iespējams, ka esam laimīgi,
Ka vairāk nedzīvojam Latvijā
Es klaidu latvietis, es ātri gāju
No savas dzimtās uz pavisam citu māju
Kā mani sauksiet, kad es nomirŔu
Par klaidoni, vai par pravieti.
Es sveŔā zemē skumji stādu rozes
Un raudot plūcu sārtas magones
Pirms gadiem piecdesmit izvilktas ir lozes:
Vai pieneņvīns vai rūgtas vērmeles.
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