Access to Facebook APIs for WordPress re-posting

Wanted to reactive a seemingly simple feature, to re-post from my WordPress to Facebook as well as other social networks.

I have been using this paid plugin,

Which works well for Twitter and Linkedin after some initial setup trouble.

But Facebook, since 2018, is another story. It is not enough to create an application at Facebook side, no no that would be too easy.

So there is a choice of buying a subscription to another NextScripts API, which is better but well its a yearly fee, so that excludes it for me.

The other option is to get your application approved by Facebook and main limitation is that you can only post to your Pages / Groups. And WordPress has to be in https.

What I had to do (and yes finally it seems to be working)

  1. Creating and configuring the Facebook application
  2. Configuring Auto-poster WordPress plugin
  3. App review:
  4. Confirm your identity (need to send an official identity document scan), accept use policies – which took quite some time as of manual intervention needed
  5. For the needed access, send application forms (publish, manage pages) – this is the real trouble, it was back and forth like 7 times. I also got the feeling that there is some review gateway team who don’t have a clue about IT or technical matters. What finally helped was getting to live chat with an actual reviewer who understood the use case and left a message for the gateway to let the request go through next time.