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Ex-phones 2014 update

Phones I have had previously (2 more added meanwhile since 2009):

(could be that 1 to 3 phones are missing, but are considered to not important since don’t change the overall picture, ericsson->siemens->windows mobile->android)

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Exporting SMS from Windows phone

Maybe someone finds this useful (word of advice, don’t use Windows phone in the first place to avoid trouble like this)

  • to be able to export sms’es without rooting etc., you first need to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 since the feature only appeared in this version
  • then you need to insert an sd card
  • go to settings, transfer my data
  • click the “…” button
  • export to sd option, select sms’s / contacts to export
  • a file like sms.vmsg will be created. it is a format for which there is no support outside Windows Phone it seems (there was a tool from Lenovo that could import them in Android 4.2 but it stopped working. And, vmsg is not vmg either.
  • the sms’s are in the file, what I did was to convert it to a Titanium Backup Android XML schema by lots of text manipulations. Another advice with Titanium, try to make thread that are less than 500 messages or it will hang. Also, take care of the unicode characters in the texts.

Merry exXmas and happy 2015 🙂


Latvian and Lithuanian languages in the language tree



Predestination (spoiler warning)


If a time machine is created and somebody goes to the past, anything he changes in the past will affect the present time, and the person that travel will be changed by the butterfly effect which will make him cease to exist or forget the mission. The only person that will not be affected by changing the past is a person that doesn’t exist and that was never born by parents from the past.

How to create a person that doesn’t exist?

Cycle 1:
Year 0:
-biologically engineer a person with both male and female genitals (using hermaphrodite person’s dna)
-Have a surrogate mother deliver the baby.
year 1 the baby is born and is sent to the past
year 18: you send some guy to falsely impregnate the girl with sperm created from her own stem cells
year 19: during the delivery, remove the baby and the female organs, bring out the male organ, steal the baby
year 19-25: she will learn to become a man
year 27:
– convince her to go back to the past to seek revenge
– Replace the old father with her and make her fell in-love with the younger female self

Cycle 2:
Year 1: Send her own baby to the past.
Year 40: Make her/him do all the tasks that previously were done by existing humans in order to remove the born human interactions from the loop

Year 50+:
– you have an agent that is not affected by temporal causation
– use him to destroy targets by giving him fake future newspapers
– make his younger version kill him in order to close the loop

Repeat cycles to create a new agent for another period of time and city

This is a butterfly effect causality hack as long as you are careful enough not to disturb the history of the time machine inventor by making sure the timeline period is short and the location of the events are far.


Kaimiņš pajoliņš jeb Latvijas Žirinovskis ar ne tik uzstādītu balss tembru

Ja Kaimiņš kaut kur arÄ« iederētos, tad tas bÅ«tu pāris gadsimtus atpakaļ linča tiesās un raganu prāvās. PierādÄ«jumu nav tikai izdrukātas lapiņas ar dažreiz galÄ«gi nesaistÄ«tiem faktiem no sērijas “viena tante teica”. Plus jau pieminētā spēja pārtraukt citus teikuma vidÅ« un izteikties prasti. Bet tautai obligāti patiks.
Fragmenti no Kurš Kalpos Latvijai: Izglītības nozare Latvijā


The elastic moral boundaries in our culture

Check out this “music video” 🙂
Jennifer Lopez – Booty ft. Iggy Azalea

Here is a list of videos quite some of which were censored not so long ago for being too “sexual”.
What would they call the above if they traveled in time a bit?
They did what?! – Most Controversial Music Videos

And then you read about Iranian kids getting 91 lashes for lip-sync video of “Happy”. Sick. Extreme religion is just as bad as… Well anything else pushed to the extremes.
‘Happy’ singers sentenced in Iran


Sci-fi top 100 movies list

Took me a half year or so, but finally got through the list, highly recommended for anyone interested in sci-fi movies
The 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

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Advertisement of another class

LG G3 Beat : Product Movie

Recipes Seafood

Recipe: Skate Wing with Brown Butter

Made it today, again. Excellent, worth a try.
Make Quick and Easy Skate Wing with Brown Butter