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Good to see something you have invested your time in come alive.


Facebook graph API, open social network & linked data

I am very excited about the recent announcement of Facebook: . It is very close to what I imagined writing the linkedPIM specification. I have some remarks though:

  • semantics still need to be better captured, using JSON does not solve anything – I would use an OWL model to define the standard
  • the model will need to be extended, another argument for using RDF/OWL
  • Facebook seems to be preparing for competing with linkedin, which is very natural imho I base this assumption on example dataset:
  • "work": [
    "employer": {
    "id": 20531316728,
    "name": "Facebook"
    "position": {
    "id": 111595812193665,
    "name": "Director, Product"
    "start_date": "2009-08"

  • profile model is really poor, it should be much more like in the address book (telephones etc) – base it on the vcard
  • they still try to keep the social web in frame of their own portal. it would be better to claim ownership of a protocol and semantic model which every portal can use (become the main layer in the service architecture)

P.S. The old “Chinese” curse is fulfilled. We are living in exciting times.



Going to i-semantics + i-know conference 2nd-4th of September.

My current schedule (based on available information, might change when the info changes):

  • Towards a New Generation of Social Networks: Merging Social Web with Semantic Web
  • Semantische Suche in Medienarchiven (praxis)
  • Applying Organizational Learning to Enterprise Knowledge Maturing
  • Understanding Maturity Models. Results of a Structured Content Analysis
  • A Knowledge Workbench for Software Development
  • The European Dictionary of Skills and Competences (DISCO): an Example of Usage Scenarios for Ontologies
  • Web x.0 – Was bringt wirklich neuen Nutzen für Unternehmen? (praxis)
  • Semantic Web Awareness Barometer 2009 – Comparing Research – and Application-oriented Approaches to Social Software and the Semantic Web
  • Maturity and Applicability Assessment of Semantic Web Technologies


  • Can Software Developers Use Linked Data Vocabulary?
  • Monitoring RSS Feeds
  • Wissensmanagement im Projektmanagement (praxis)
  • Der Einsatz von Web 2.0 in der Internen Kommunikation (praxis)
  • Cooperation-Event


  • Ontology Change Management
  • SALERO Intelligent Media Annotation & Search
  • Best Practice Forum
  • Die dunklen Seiten des Wissensmanagement und Web 2.0 (praxis)

See you there 😉