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Facebook graph API, open social network & linked data

I am very excited about the recent announcement of Facebook: . It is very close to what I imagined writing the linkedPIM specification. I have some remarks though:

  • semantics still need to be better captured, using JSON does not solve anything – I would use an OWL model to define the standard
  • the model will need to be extended, another argument for using RDF/OWL
  • Facebook seems to be preparing for competing with linkedin, which is very natural imho I base this assumption on example dataset:
  • "work": [
    "employer": {
    "id": 20531316728,
    "name": "Facebook"
    "position": {
    "id": 111595812193665,
    "name": "Director, Product"
    "start_date": "2009-08"

  • profile model is really poor, it should be much more like in the address book (telephones etc) – base it on the vcard
  • they still try to keep the social web in frame of their own portal. it would be better to claim ownership of a protocol and semantic model which every portal can use (become the main layer in the service architecture)

P.S. The old “Chinese” curse is fulfilled. We are living in exciting times.

Crazy drivers

Some guys seem to try to get into next years Darwin awards, I suppose 😉

A Latvian guy brought an undetonated mine to the police station with his bicycle (article in Latvian).

A father of four has been banned from driving for three years after he was caught behind the wheel of a toy Barbie car while drunk.

Ryanair electronic equipment policies

Frak you Ryanair.
Going to Riga and back this weekend, I was twice denied to use my HTC Hero in airplane mode to play Sudoku (the flight attendant was aware that it’s in flight mode, he just referred to a policy).

  • if there are working phones not in flight mode in your pockets – no problem
  • if you use a laptop with WIFI activated and/or built in GSM module – no problem
  • if you consume as many alcohol as possible because of the boring flight (that was not me, FYI, but just because had to drive a car afterwards) – no problem

other complaints (this included) nicely compiled, totally agree to all