Going to i-semantics + i-know conference 2nd-4th of September.

My current schedule (based on available information, might change when the info changes):

  • Towards a New Generation of Social Networks: Merging Social Web with Semantic Web
  • Semantische Suche in Medienarchiven (praxis)
  • Applying Organizational Learning to Enterprise Knowledge Maturing
  • Understanding Maturity Models. Results of a Structured Content Analysis
  • A Knowledge Workbench for Software Development
  • The European Dictionary of Skills and Competences (DISCO): an Example of Usage Scenarios for Ontologies
  • Web x.0 – Was bringt wirklich neuen Nutzen für Unternehmen? (praxis)
  • Semantic Web Awareness Barometer 2009 – Comparing Research – and Application-oriented Approaches to Social Software and the Semantic Web
  • Maturity and Applicability Assessment of Semantic Web Technologies


  • Can Software Developers Use Linked Data Vocabulary?
  • Monitoring RSS Feeds
  • Wissensmanagement im Projektmanagement (praxis)
  • Der Einsatz von Web 2.0 in der Internen Kommunikation (praxis)
  • Cooperation-Event


  • Ontology Change Management
  • SALERO Intelligent Media Annotation & Search
  • Best Practice Forum
  • Die dunklen Seiten des Wissensmanagement und Web 2.0 (praxis)

See you there 😉

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